We envision a future where technological developments will bring comfort and support to the world.



We seek to solve the various challenges faced by individuals and businesses all over the world by developing innovative technologies that will be efficient, reliable and affordable.


Core Values

– Integrity                                

– Proactive                                         

– Research

– Innovative                           

– Dynamic

– Global friendly                   

– Human-Centered



Projects Done





About Us

Akifago Electronics is a Tech Company with Registration Number: RC2632992. It was Founded by Engi……..

GSM Based Vehicle Tracking Device


Automatic Changeover System with Wireless Generator Control


Wireless Door Bell With Visitor Detection System


IOT Based Hospital Patient Monitoring System


Automated Poultry Feeding And Drinking System


SMS Based Fire Alert System Using GPS Location


Our Core Services

General Electronics Circuit Design and Construction.


Hardware Programming.


Android Application Development.


Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Production.


Robotics and Automation System.


Residential Wiring Design and Installation.


Latest Products

Mobile Phone Controlled Landmine Detection Robot Car

Price: N50,000

SMS Based Vehicle Tracking Device

Price: N48,000

Automatic Three Phase Selector With Wireless Android Application Interface

Price: N62,000.

GPS Based Blind Cane Navigation Using Google Map Routes

Price: N66,000 

IOT Based Weather Monitoring Device

Price: N36,000

Finger Print Attendance System Using Android Mobile Application

Price: N54,000

Automatic Poultry Feeding And Drinking System

Price: N65,000 

Intruder And Smoke Detection With SMS Alert System

Price: N48,000 

SMS Based Digital Prepaid Meter

Price: N49,000 

Mobile Phone Controlled Fertilizer Dispensing Robotic Vehicle

Price: N70,000 

Intruder System With Wireless Camera Video/Image Capture

Price: N45,000 

IOT/WIFI Pear To Peer Based Electrical Device Automation System

Price: N45,000 

Automatic AC Bulb Brightness And Socket Outlet Control

Price: N44,000 

Digital Display Board With Time, Date, Temperature And Humidity Information

Price: N70,000 

Exam Malpractice Detection And Alert System With Wireless Camera Capture

Price: N68,000 

IOT Based Waste Tracking System Using Google Map View

Price: N99,000 

Visitor’s Counter Using Infrared Proximity Sensors

Price: N45,000 

Automatic Hammering System With Speed Control

Price: N75,000 

Wireless Mobile Phone Charging With Security Lock

Price: N65,000 

Mobile Phone Detection System

Price: N48,000 

Digital Force Display With Calibration

Price: N69,000 

Automatic Hand Wash System

Price: N200,000 

IOT Based Waste Tracking Using Google Map View

Price: N69,000 

RFID Based Attendance System Using Android Application

Price: N49,000 

Voice Call Based Intruder Alert System

Price: N48,000 

1 Watt 87Mhz-108Mhz Digital Stereo FM Transmitter

Price: N40,000 

Contactless Temperature Detection System With SMS Alert

Price: N47,000 

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